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Dumi Cafe - Quang Trung


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Mì ý/ Pasta

Điểm tâm/ Breakfast


Các món bò

Món ăn vặt/ Nosh

Espresso coffee - single shot

Espresso coffee - more shot

Tradional coffee

Cacao/ Chocolate - small

Cacao/ Chocolate - large

Đá xay/ Blended - small

Đá xay/ Blended - large

Sữa chua lắc/ Yogurt shake - small

Sữa chua lắc/ Yogurt shake - large

Sinh tố/ Smoothie - small

Sinh tố/ Smoothie - large

Soda - small

Soda - large

Mojito - small

Mojito - large

Trà/ Tea - small

Trà/ Tea - large

Trà sữa/ Milk tea

Nước truyền thống/ Traditional drink - small

Nước truyền thống/ Traditional drink - large

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